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The Cybersecurity Expert Training Program is the only program that covers both offensive and defensive security in a practical hands-on setup. The course will cover SOC concepts as well as fundamentals of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Top tools covered in this course are – Splunk, 69phisher, NMap, Metasploit and many more.


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Course Description

The Cyber Security Expert training course offered by InfosecTrain is a comprehensive program that integrates SOC and Penetration Testing domains. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. Throughout the course, participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills by engaging in hands-on activities and using various tools and techniques. They will learn about different types of hackers, the importance of security, and the CIA Triad. The course also focuses on understanding network protocols, OSI model, IP addressing, operating systems, information gathering, blue team operations, threat intelligence, incident response, and so much more.

InfosecTrain is a leading IT security training and consulting organization offering best-in-class yet cost-effective, customized training programs to enterprises and individuals across the globe. We offer role-specific certification training programs and prepare professionals for the future. Our Cyber Security Expert training course will equip you with a comprehensive overview of essential topics in the field of cyber security.

Here’s what you get when you choose InfosecTrain as your learning partner:

  • Flexible Schedule: Training sessions to match your schedule and accommodate your needs.
  • Post Training Support – Ongoing assistance and support to help you achieve your learning goals
  • Recorded Sessions: Access to LMS or recorded sessions for post-training reference.
  • Customized Training: A training program that caters to your specific learning needs.
  • Knowledge Sharing Community: Collaborative group discussions to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning.
  • Certificate: Each candidate receives a certificate of participation as a testament to their accomplishment.
  • Expert Career Guidance: Free Career Guidance and support from industry experts.

Target Audience


  • Prior knowledge of networking fundamentals, OS basics, and troubleshooting
  • A basic understanding of Penetration Testing and Security Assessments
  • Understanding of different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, etc.

Course Objectives

  • Understand cybersecurity concepts and penetration testing techniques
  • Learn about types of hackers, types of attacks, and ethical hacking phases
  • Understand the difference between ethical and malicious hacking
  • Learn footprinting techniques, scanning concepts, and vulnerability assessment
  • Understand the functions and role of a Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Gain knowledge of SIEM systems, specifically Splunk
  • Understand vulnerability analysis and classification
  • Explore system hacking techniques and threat intelligence
  • Understand social engineering techniques and phishing attacks
  • Gain basic knowledge of incident response and digital forensics
  • Explore web application threats, including OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
  • Learn about mobile platform security and vulnerabilities
  • Understand cloud computing and set up AWS for penetration testing
  • Gain knowledge of cryptography and encryption algorithms


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The Cyber Security Expert training course is a comprehensive program offered by InfosecTrain that
combines training in Security Operations Center (SOC) and Penetration Testing . It provides participants
with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in both areas of expertise.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including security terminologies, OS basics, network
fundamentals, penetration testing methodologies, hacking concepts, types of attacks, SOC operations and
architecture, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), threat intelligence, incident response
and forensics, web application threats, social engineering, mobile platform security, cryptography, and
so much more.

The course is suitable for individuals interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, particularly in
roles related to Security Operations Center (SOC) and Penetration Testing. It is also beneficial for
professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in these areas.

Yes, the course includes hands-on practical training to reinforce the concepts learned. Participants can
apply their knowledge through practical exercises, such as investigating operating systems, utilizing
Penetration Testing tools, analyzing logs, conducting phishing email attacks, and more.

Yes, upon completing the Cyber Security Expert training course, you will receive a certification from
InfosecTrain, which can add value to your professional credentials.